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Our Story

Hello friend,

Welcome! My name is Sam, founder of Presa Pan.

Presa Pan is brand is built on one core principle - being authentic. You will see this authenticity in our videos, our product and our purpose. 

Keeping the tradition of home cooking alive while making it easier for beginners and experienced chefs alike is the reason I started this brand. 

The problems with most tortilla makers are obvious, they burn out quick, don't get hot enough or you have to use manual pressers and throw them onto the stove top.

So why not make something that presses and cooks at the same time? Easy enough.

Presa Pan started out as a drawing on a Post-it-Note and with the help of a couple of friends the drawing quickly turned into a 3D model. 

From there we cut a bunch of different types of metal, researched the best type of coating, developed prototype after prototype until FINALLY ... Presa Pan was made.

The last two sentences sums up the last 2 years of my life, kinda sad right? 

I like to think it was worth it because now we have a product that actually makes life easier for SOME people.

Remember that part about being authentic? 

We are totally aware that the Presa Pan may not work for all types of tortillas, rotis or flatbread. 

Depending on your preparation, you technique and dietary restrictions your results will vary.

Making tortillas, rotis and other ethnic cuisines is an art form that is passed down from generation to generation.

Family recipes and techniques are not something the Presa Pan can replicate, but it can be a great compliment to, if you are able to prepare your dough in the correct fashion.

It takes patience and practice, but it's very possible. Just ask all of our happy customers and our social media where we make tortillas on the Presa Pan everyday! 

I am very grateful that you took the time to read my story and if you consider making a purchase I hope that the Presa Pan helps you and your loved ones in your day-to-day life.