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5/12pc Kitchen Utensil Set Wooden Handle

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Introducing the Ultimate Kitchen Set: Your All-in-One Culinary Companion!

**Product Name:** Kitchen Master Set

**Material:** Silicone + Wood

**Colors Available:** Red, Black, Purple, Green, Pink, Blue (Choose from 6 vibrant options)

**Product Includes:** - Spatula- Colander- Egg Beater- Soup Ladle- Tablespoon- Scraper- Spaghetti Fisher- Oil Brush- Food Clip- Storage Bucket- Leaker Shovel- Egg Beater- Scraper- Oil Brush

**Product Features:**

1. **Safe and Healthy:** Crafted from high-quality silicone material, our kitchen set is completely safe, non-toxic, and harmless, ensuring your family's health is always a top priority.

2. **Ergonomic Design:** Enjoy cooking without the strain! Our utensils feature comfortable handles designed to fit the shape of your hand, providing maximum comfort even during extended use. Plus, the extended handle design prevents burns while stir-frying.

3. **Heat Resistant:** Withstand the heat of your culinary creations! Our kitchen set can handle high temperatures up to 230°C, ensuring durability and longevity.

4. **Easy to Clean:** Say goodbye to scrubbing! The smooth surface of our utensils makes cleaning a breeze. Simply rinse with high-temperature water and lighten the burden of kitchen cleanup.

5. **Complete Kitchen Solution:** Our 12-piece set offers everything you need for culinary success. From stirring to serving, our versatile utensils cover all your kitchen needs.

**Product Size:**(Include dimensions or refer to the package for size details)

Upgrade your kitchen arsenal with the Kitchen Master Set and experience the joy of cooking like a pro. Say hello to convenience, comfort, and culinary excellence with every meal!

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